Industrial Cleaning

The Green and Clean Team are the Ultimate Cleaning Solution for any industrial cleaning situation. We love challenges and big jobs. Industrial spaces are often very large and are high maintenance. These areas include factories, workshops and as such require a more specialised cleaning service to ensure the best possible results. We are able to provide regular and once off cleaning services to these areas.

The Green and Clean Team Litterbug can keep your footpath, driveway and car park clean. We can remove litter from garden beds. The Green and Clean Team can pressure cleaning outside as well.

The Green and Clean Team have a medium sized ride on street sweeper to clean carparks and new developments that are still under construction. This sweeper is easily manoeuvred and can be used inside a factory to clean a large area quickly and efficiently.

Whatever your Industrial Cleaning needs might be we are equipped to meet your needs quickly and professionaly.

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