Event Cleaning

From a small private party to a large scale corporate function, from a karaoke party at home to a large rock concert, we can help make sure everything is spotless both before and after the event. This means that you can enjoy your party or event without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Our new high-volume litter vacuum is the only one on the Fraser Coast and can do the work of 12 people after festivals and shows, picking up paper and other refuse at speed and returning the venue to a state of cleanliness within hours. Gutters, pathways, sporting surfaces, parks, other venues and carparks, the Litterbug can handle them all, seven days a week!

The Litterbug is delivered to the venue complete with an experienced operator and is ready for action the minute the event is over. Litter is collected in refuse bags and sealed, which we then collect and dispose of.

The Green and Clean Team were selected to provide the event cleaning services to the 2013 Australian Scout Jamboree held at the Maryborough Showgrounds, January 2013. There were 12,500 scouts and leaders living onsite for over 10 days. This project involved 1690 man hours over a 12 day period.

The Green and Clean Team were advised that they had the job on 17 December 2012 and had to do a pre-event clean on 31 December 2012.

A total of almost 50 extra staff were recruited, trained, fitted for uniforms, test for eligibility for working with children within 14 days less 4 days allowing for Christmas and New Year Public Holidays. The Scouts were able to fast track the eligibility for working with children testing during this period.

The Green and Clean Team are very proud of what was achieved on this project with very tight deadlines.

There were 954 showers and toilets on site that had to be cleaned twice daily. We distributed 8 pallets of toilet paper during the event.

The measure of the success was there was no outbreak of any major sickness from unclean shower or toilet facilities. Some of the problems of lack of appropriate cleaning can be anything from a common cold to stomach flu viruses, bad things lurk on sink surfaces, hand dryers and toilet seats. Without proper care, you're at risk of being bedridden for weeks with a multitude of diseases like the nasty-sounding streptococcus (a form of strep throat and meningitis), E.Coli, hepatitis A, and staphylococcus (the virus behind food poisoning and a form of pneumonia).

One of Scout Leaders stated that he had been attending Jamborees over a 32 year period and this was the first he had attended where the standard of the cleaning of the showers and toilets was not a major issue for the duration of the Jamboree. He believed AJ2013 held at the Maryborough Showgrounds in January 2013 was a standout for the standard of the cleaning.

The Green and Clean Team have the industry knowledge, experience and technology to tackle event cleaning of any type and scale. Our cleaners will supply all equipment and cleaning products, all of which are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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