Commercial Cleaning

A dirty establishment is a sure way to lose customers. As humans we make our mind up about people, places or businesses in 5 minutes or less, based on our past experiences. So when you first see a person, you size them up, and there is nothing to do to change that moment in another person’s mind.

Everyone does that with your business premises as well. If it is dirty or untidy, people think that your products or services are the same. What does your place of business say about your company? Is it a clean, environmentally friendly, welcoming environment?

You might agree this is important, but who, in an office or store has the time, or the inclination, to get in there with the cleanser and scrubby sponge? The answer is nobody!

The Green and Clean Team can help, and is the only commercial cleaner you will need. Often, bad impressions are formed before your customers walk in the door. As the Green and Clean Team specialise in outdoor cleaning as well as inside your premises, your customers will feel confident about doing business with you.

The Green and Clean Team work on everything from small commercial kitchens, to large resorts. The Green and Clean Team provide cleaners for motels and child care centres.

The Green and Clean Team specialise in stripping and polishing your vinyl or hard surface floors. No job is too small or too large for The Green and Clean Team.

Our Litterbug can keep your footpath, driveway and car park clean. Our Litterbug can efficiently and effectively pick up cigarette butts from grass and other surfaces that other cleaners can’t. Cigarette butts have consistently made it into the top ten items picked up in the Clean Up Australia Day Rubbish Report since it started in 1990. In 2010, littered butts were the most commonly found item during the clean up for the fifteenth year running. One in five waste items removed was a cigarette butt.
According to the Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index 2010-11 Annual Report, cigarette butts remain the most pervasive litter item nationally.

The Green and Clean Team have a medium sized ride on street sweeper to clean carparks and new developments that are still under construction.

We can remove litter from garden beds. The Green and Clean Team can pressure clean outside as well.

Call or email us for a quote whether it is an ad-hoc or a regular request. We can accommodate your needs efficiently.

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