About Us

The Green and Clean Team are your Ultimate Cleaning Solution for any situation.

The Green and Clean Team have a commitment to provide a top quality cleaning service with a green conscience. We want to make a difference to our environment and to ensure the health of you and your family and our staff.

Our team of dedicated staff members are thoroughly trained in the latest hygienic cleaning techniques and work safety processes. Your satisfaction will be our primary goal...we focus on maintaining the highest standard of cleaning to protect your health without damaging the environment.

We only use environmentally friendly, all-natural cleaning products, carefully selected or made exclusively for us to our specifications.


We are the proud owners of the Litter Bug. The Litter Bug is an all-terrain high-volume vacuum cleaning system. This enables us to clean large outdoor venue in the same time as 12 or more staff would do traditionally....in fact, up to 18,000m2 per hour.

Capability Statement